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Carousel Comfort 'V' Bra


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Carousel Comfort Bra                                  

Bring romance to life with the unforgettable new Carousel Collection from Mimi Holliday.

The heavenly new Comfort Bra and Comfort 'V' Bras are made with whisper-soft art deco-inspired botanical lace, masterfully melded into striking shapes using contrasting nude tulle.  The Comfort Bra (larger cup sizes) and Comfort 'V' Bra offer strong support and a lovely natural lift.

Finished with silk straps and gold componentry, the Carousel collection is designed with romance at the very heart, making it a wonderful bridal ensemble, or simply as your elegant daily white option

Please Note - 
The deep 'V' centre feature has been removed on the larger cup sizes to uphold shape, strength, and support.

Comfort 'V' Bra 
32B - 32D
34B - 34C

Comfort Bra 
32E - 32F
34D - 34F
36C - 36E
38C - 38D

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